Dear customers and partners!

We inform that in 2020 there was a change in the company’s management, and from the beginning of 2021 the company’s legal address has changed and Stana-Certification has become a legal entity in Estonia.

This decision was made by the management of the company and is aimed primarily on the cost optimization and for the convenience of our customers.

We are in a hurry to assure you that the conditions of existing treaties on the authorized representative are fulfilled in full. And the storage of technical documentation is carried out in terms of confidentiality in the offices of our company.

We also want to notify you that from 07/16/2021, the EU Regulations 2019/1020 enters into force, which strengthens market supervision and establishes new requirements for the importation of goods. The purpose of this Regulation is to enhance the supervision of goods supplied to the European Union. Requirements apply both to actually imported goods and on the Internet sold. The main innovation of the regulations is the requirement to be applied to the products of the contact details of the representative in the EU. Violation of this requirement can be the reason for the ban on the import of products into the EU territory! You need to apply the following information to the product: the name of the representative, its address and contact details for communication with it. The obligation of the representative includes: storing the declaration and technical file (documentation that proves the compliance of products to the requirements of regulations and EU directives), as well as cooperation with supervisory authorities.

In order to meet the specified requirements, you should recycle information on the packaging of goods. As well as re-refund the contract with an authorized representative, indicating the actual details of the company.

About us

STANA is an International Certification Organization.

STANA, with its head office located in Tallinn, Estonia since 2020 carried out certifications, inspections and testing procedures on equipment as well as products. CE marking, European Product safety regulations, international certification: we do it all. Apart from this, our services reach far and wide to countries like Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries where we offer national certification such as Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and Ukraine. We work towards ensuring that an organization which work with us meets all requirements needed for compliance with European Union Directives and International regulations.

What makes us stand ahead is our deep theoretical knowledge and practical understanding in the field of product safety, engineering, quality assurance, technical documentation and the use of testing facilities.

About Us

STANA-CERTIFICATION provides services of an authorized EU representative and product certification.

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