Being an authorized representative in EU, STANA can issue for your products a EU Conformity Declaration. For this document the EU regulation does not foresee the compulsory accreditation (nor notification).
However, several EU Directives and Product Safety Regulations stipulate the mandatory participation of the notified person (body or laboratory) in the certification process.
In such cases for the completion of these works are involved only reliable partner companies who have the corresponding authorization.

STANA is the partnership of companies who carry out audit, certification and tests. We are always open for cooperation and are interested in getting to know certification bodies and test laboratories from EU for possible collaboration.

Requirements to the certification bodies (laboratories):

  • It should possess the necessary technical expertise and could carry out works in certain fields;
  • It should comply with the requirements of the international standards (ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17025);
  • It should operate independently from the developer, producer, supplier and consumer;
  • It should not take part in works/licenses/protocols of it services;
  • There should be no discrimination at offering the services and all clients have access to the service;
  • It should bear the risk, connected with the certification activity (have a necessary financial reserve or insurance).
  • The authorized colleague will provide all the necessary information about the certification body (test laboratory) and the status of its notification.