European Authorized Representative

The producer can be based anywhere in the world and he needs to appoint an Authorized Representative in the EU. He should be authorized by manufacturer to perform certain tasks required in the applicable Directives. The CE marking Directive states that the appointed Representative in EU should work on behalf of producer.

The task given by the manufacturer to the representative should be explicitly defined in writing and it should contain the contents of tasks as well as the limits of the representative.

For example, the Authorized Representative in EU representing the producer can ensure and declare that the product follows all the requirements depending on the conformity assessment procedure and the Directive. He can also affix the CE marking or prepare and sign the EC declaration of conformity on behalf of the manufacturer. He can also present the declaration and the technical documentation to the National surveillance authorization on behalf of the manufacturer.

STANA has the experience and required services to act as an authorized representative of manufacturer in EU. We can act as an official European authorized representative for any manufacturer who meets all the European safety requirements. Feel free to contact us with the below contact form for information.